Collaboration with the CRI

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    Collaborating with the CRI:

    The CRI provides a broad spectrum of bioinformatics services for the research community. We analyze data collected at any genomics facility; we have special arrangements with UIC resources, DNAS and Core Genomics in particular. We aim to help researchers gain a systems-level biological understanding through their data, and we offer services to support each of the necessary steps. These include standard analysis pipelines for NGS and microarray data, as well as customized analyses specific to certain projects. As part of our standard practices, all projects include a certain number of services:

    • Consultation for project initiation, including experimental design, and follow-up communication
    • Data handling, including data transfer and integrity assurance
    • Raw data quality control based on experimental platform and experiment type
    • Compilation of results and report preparation
    • Access to CRI Galaxy and data management/analysis platforms

    In addition to the raw data for analysis, each project requires certain metadata, for example the reference genome or experimental conditions. Please be prepared to share these metadata, in addition to the biological background for the experiment, in the initial consultation.

    CRI also provides clinical information services to the UIC community and other organizations, including but not limited to patient data analysis, cohort identification for clinical trials, and clinical data warehousing. Furthermore, CRI offers support and expertise related to medical coding, medical terminologies, health information systems, revenue cycle/billing, and process and quality improvement.

    The diagram below illustrates how projects with the CRI proceed, and gives a checklist of the steps required of both the researcher and the CRI before work can commence on a new project.