Education & Training

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Educating and training UIC researchers is one of the core goals of the CRI. In addition to applying our bioinformatic expertise to investigators' projects, we also want to ensure that PIs, postdocs, and students gain a deeper understanding of the analysis steps we perform on their behalf, and learn how to conduct similar analyses themselves if they desire. In addition, we are committed to fostering better understanding and access to the computing resources that are needed for most bioinformatics projects.

  • Resources for learning and applying bioinformatics techniques can be found in External Resources.
  • Information about the campus supercomputing facility, eXtreme, and using high performance computing resources, can also be found in External Resources.
  • The CRI administers a Galaxy deployment, providing extra computing resources to our collaborators and offering customized pipelines designed for different projects.
  • We also offer periodic classes on different bioinformatics platforms and techniques, available to UIC faculty, staff, and students. Please check Events and Workshops for upcoming events, and a list of past workshops.