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CRI Galaxy

Galaxy provides a highly customizable toolkit for genomic data analysis, providing tools for tasks ranging from format conversion to genetic sequence alignment to proteomic peak database assembly. Galaxy can incorporate any existing tool, freeware or commercially licensed, with a relatively simple encapsulation script, making it a robust platform for use in research and clinical settings, facilitating the dissemination of newly developed analysis algorithms to other researchers and clinicians by way of the Galaxy Toolshed, an online repository of tool wrappers. Further collaboration and communication is facilitated through the use and sharing of Galaxy workflows, the digital embodiment of processing pipelines in Galaxy for reuse within and among research groups of frequently used sequences of data analysis steps.

Galaxy provides researchers an environment where they can experiment upon their research datasets with a virtually unlimited set of tools and configuration parameters, recording a history of their actions and allowing the researcher to maintain multiple analysis step histories, copy histories and share histories with collaborators. Once a pipeline is perfected, the working history can be exported to a workflow and visualized graphically on a grid and shared with other researchers. Clinically useful workflows can be incorporated into a clinical implementation of Galaxy where a small set of clinically approved workflows can be made available to physicians to search for precision markers of specific diseases that may be treated with specific targeted therapies.

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