Patient Data Analytics

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By combining clinical data, claims records, socio-demographic and care management data, the patient data analytics can make the extensive use of data by statistical and qualitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling. It can help enable better decision-making, leading to the improvement of the health status of patient population while reducing costs. For example, in the CMMI (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation) grant application, the CRI team at UIC had provided the data analysis for Illionis Medicaid/Medicare populations:

  • Providing support and coordination for the Alliance project in defining the measures of selected variables to be tested during the testing phase
  • Providing the required CMMI Category of Service cost and utilization trend financial spread sheets for Medicaid and Medicare, Cook County Health and Hospital System and for those participating private health plans
  • Collecting summary data from multiple sources necessary to create a baseline summary of populations and services
  • Securing university resources, or procuring data storage capacity, in anticipation of functionality needed during the Model Testing Phase to establish a claims level database, which will be used to test and report on the selected innovations during the Model Testing Phase
  • Developing a staffing infrastructure necessary to maintain, test, analyze and provide reports during the testing phase
  • Assisting in the development of a projected budget for hardware and staffing resources needed through the duration of the anticipated three year Model Testing Phase
  • Constructing the baseline financial cost, quality and population data from which to create simulations of potential model performance to be tested in the later phase.