Study Design

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The CRI provides advice and recommendations for many aspects of designing a high-throughput experiment, including:

  • Platform recommendations, such as next-generation sequencing versus microarray; targeted vs untargeted approaches (e.g., amplicon vs shotgun), or RNA library options for gene vs isoform expression
  • NGS platforms (Illumina HiSeq, NextSeq, or MiSeq; PacBio or NanoPore)
  • Biological replicates and sequencing depth
  • Factors affecting statistical inferences
  • Batch randomization

We highly recommend scheduling a meeting with the CRI when you are in the planning stages of your experiment, as there are often many options available, and the optimal one depends on your project's scope. These consultations are free of charge, and can be arranged by contacting us. It is often also valuable to include members of the UIC DNA Services or Core Genomics Facilities in these consultations.

You may refer to the FAQs for general information about some of these points.